Sunday, April 5, 2009

NCAA Title Game and the Cincinnati Reds

Well, the final four didn't turn out like I thought. At least I picked UNC! I think Mich St. and UNC should be a really good game and actually be close this time (see reg. season matchup UNC 98 - MSU 63). Now that Ty Lawson is healthy though, UNC should be on top at the final buzzer. YAY!! On a another note, Major League baseball starts back up!!! I like the Reds, my fav teams, roster this season. We don't rely on the 3-run longball and should actually produce runs by getting on and driving 'em in w/ hits. Not to mention the depth on the pitching staff. Harang should bounce back and be the very good pitcher he was before last year. Volquez I project will win 20 games. Arroyo concerns me a little bit, we'll talk about him more some other time (after we know what effect his carpal tunnel has). I think Cueto will be better this year and more consistant. Micah Owings can be very good on the mound too and is THE best hitting pitcher in the Majors. I really hope we can contend this year and w/ the talent we have and our new playing style, I think the Reds can. Go Heels and Go Reds!