Sunday, April 5, 2009

NCAA Title Game and the Cincinnati Reds

Well, the final four didn't turn out like I thought. At least I picked UNC! I think Mich St. and UNC should be a really good game and actually be close this time (see reg. season matchup UNC 98 - MSU 63). Now that Ty Lawson is healthy though, UNC should be on top at the final buzzer. YAY!! On a another note, Major League baseball starts back up!!! I like the Reds, my fav teams, roster this season. We don't rely on the 3-run longball and should actually produce runs by getting on and driving 'em in w/ hits. Not to mention the depth on the pitching staff. Harang should bounce back and be the very good pitcher he was before last year. Volquez I project will win 20 games. Arroyo concerns me a little bit, we'll talk about him more some other time (after we know what effect his carpal tunnel has). I think Cueto will be better this year and more consistant. Micah Owings can be very good on the mound too and is THE best hitting pitcher in the Majors. I really hope we can contend this year and w/ the talent we have and our new playing style, I think the Reds can. Go Heels and Go Reds!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Johnny Flynn's dunk

Just a quick note, but did you see Syracuse Guard Johnny Flynn's windmill dunk the other day? I did, and I thought I'd share it with you. What do you think? I find it amazing.

Monday, March 23, 2009

NCAA Tourney

What up y'all? Everyone is currently focused on the NCAA Tournament so that's my topic. I'd like to start with the fact I picked 13 out of the Sweet 16 correct. My Final Four is (drumroll) Louisville, Pitt, UNC & Memphis. Then I picked Louisville & UNC to play for it all w/ the Heels pulling out the win for the title. I wouldn't rule out UConn, they look really good too. I have to shout out the Dayton Flyers. Y'all made it to the second round. I really think they'll be back to the tourney next season since they only lose 1 player. Although it's off-topic, I'd want to mention the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now with the best record in NBA, we can get home court throughout the playoffs and bring one home and hopefully LeBron wins MVP. GO CAVS!!!