Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Green Bay Packers, Ohio State, LeBron and anything else that comes to mind

Hey y'all, this is my first post. First off, The dismantling my Pack received at the hands of the Saints Monday night (Nov. 24th). I thought the GB secondary could contain the NO offense (I discovered I was wrong five min. into the game...) Anyway, since I like the Saints, I'm not as upset at the game's outcome. I thought Aaron Rodgers tried his hardest to keep the Pack in the game. However, unless your name is Brett Favre, you can only do so much when your offense is one dimensional. I think the Pack will still make it to the playoffs cuz they play Chicago again and they play Detroit again (almost sure win). On to The Ohio State University, If we don't make it to a BCS bowl (Orange, Fiesta or Sugar Bowl), we'll still go to the Capital One Bowl and face Georgia most likely. I was hoping my second fav team, LSU, would get a rematch against the Bucks but that's highly unlikely now. Another thing, If OSU plays Georgia, we'll see arguably the two best running backs in the nation go head-to-head, me and myself (just kidding, Knowshon Moreno and Chris "Beanie" Wells). These guys can really dominate a game (duh). LeBron James, please stay in Cleveland. Unless the Cavs get one of the other superstars on the market in 2010, I don't really see Cleveland competing after LeBron. Right now I'm hoping Alabama beats Florida and goes to the National Title Game. All we need is for Florida to play for it all in their own state (reminds me of last year, LSU and OSU in NO). When a team in the title game is gonna play in their state, I think it should be moved to another, neutral site. I also think the BCS system stinks worse than a porta-potty. Look at all the really good teams out there, Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Alabama, Florida, USC, Penn State and any other top of the line team that escapes my mind right now. Other than 2 of these teams, they will be cheated out of a chance for a title. I think a 8 or 16 team playoff would really rid us of these controversial situations almost every season. There ya go, some of my thoughts on sports, for now.